Friday, October 16, 2009

Cardiologist checkup

YouYou and I went to B'ham yesterday for her 6 month post open heart surgery checkup (it's actually been 7 months but that is what happens when mommy forgets to call to get an appointment until the month we are supposed to be seen :)

Dr. Romp was very pleased with how she is growing. She now weighs 24.6 pounds (that was with clothes on though). That's a gain of around 4 pounds since surgery! She also measured 36 inches tall, which means she has grown a little more than 2 inches since we brought her home! Oh yeah...she's getting big :)

YouYou did great with all of the procedures/tests. She had a chest x-ray, an EKG, an Echocardiogram, and they took her blood pressure and pulse ox (which by the way was a perfect score of 100!!) As always, the Echocardiogram took a little while, but YouYou mostly sat still the whole time :) I always get a little anxious during this part of the checkup because Dr. Romp gets this serious look on his face as he tries to interpret what he is seeing on the monitor even though her ventricles are reversed. He said that this echo looks to be the same as the echo that was done prior to the heart cath in June...the pressures are about the same, the ventricles seem to be pumping strongly and he still sees (and hears) some small VSD's. But this is all good news really! We know her heart will never be perfect (at least not here on Earth) but she is really doing well. He also took her off of one of her medicines and he reduced another one. So for now, she will continue to be on 2 medications that she takes twice a day. long as no problems arise we don't have another checkup for 6 months!! Yippee!!!

Here are a few pictures from our day. This first one was taken in the waiting room...

Watching the nurse blow bubbles during the EKG...

Reading a book while we wait to see the doctor...

YouYou and our favorite cardiologist Dr. Romp (well, he's the only cardiologist we've ever had but he's still our favorite :)!

This was taken as we left the Dr.'s office. I told YouYou to stand in front of the light pole and smile for me. She decided it would be better to dance...

She is holding our appointment reminder card and her two stickers...

Now she's getting a little sassy with her hand on her hip...

Hmmm...what is this on my finger?

Okay, now she's through taking pictures and this is what she does when she has had enough. She just refuses to look at the camera...such a little stinker.!


  1. I am so glad you got a good report! I love the pictures. We need to get together soon!

  2. What a great report!! Praise God!!

    She is growing up so fast...and she is changing too!! We must get our girls together. SOON!!!!!!!

  3. You You is so beautiful! We go for our 6 month check up on Tuesday-8 months post surgery.

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  4. Praise be to our loving heavenly Father who brought this precious child into our lives and has performed many miraculous works to bring her health and happiness. Our faith is increased as we continue to trust Him with her physical condition but most of all we trust Him with her eternal life in Him. What a blessing she is to our family!
    Grandma Neesie

  5. Hi!!! I am so glad she is doing so well!!!I keep checking!!!I can't believe its been over 9 months since that special day.......!God is so good!!!!

  6. Praise the Lord for a good report from the doc! Love the cute, cute pictures!!
    I got teary eyed when I read your mom's comment. Adoption is such an awesome blessing for the whole family!!!
    Miss you my sweet friend!

  7. Oh she looks so big in these pictures! I think it is the hair and all that weight she has put on - you can really tell when you look at the pic at the top of her site from way back in February. So glad she had a good report!

  8. She does look like such a big girl! She is getting tall!

    I love her sassy self!

  9. So glad to hear she is doing well!! She is just too cute in those pics!

  10. You You is adorable. It sounds like she is making great progress. Nonetheless, I added her to my prayer list.

  11. Rejoicing with you over the good report! Love seeing the precious photos!